Privacy and personal data protection policy

D-NETWORK (NDA Consult and D-Consultancy) sets great importance on protecting the privacy of all people whose data it collects and processes. To this end, it ensures an adequate level of technical and organizational security of your data and complies with the legislation in force in Belgium, in order to protect you from any data leaks, including loss, destruction, unauthorized access or misuse. The purpose of this statement is to explain who we are, what data we process, why and how we process your personal data, how long we process it, to whom your data may be transmitted, and especially what are your rights about your data and how you can exercise them.


This declaration is intended for natural persons:
  • Who are browsing our website
  • Who work for one of our clients or (potential) customers or use one or more of our services
  • Who act as contact for one of our suppliers or potential suppliers
  • Who act as external consultants or contacts at one of the external consulting companies with whom we work or plan to collaborate
  • Who act as contacts with any company (company, government, professional federation of employers or workers, school, university, partner, ...) with whom we have maintained or maintain or wish to maintain a form of collaboration and of which we process personal data
  • Who apply as candidates when registering on our site, submitting and application, to apply for a vacant position, communicating and spontaneously sharing their applications
  • Who in general voluntarily provide us with their personal data to be included in a file
We inform you that your data will be used in accordance with this data protection declaration.


NDA Consult SPRL “Your Recruitment Partner” (KBO/BCE number 823.114.779) and D-Consultancy “Your Staffing and Contracting Partner” (KBO/BCE number 544.681.328), having its registered offices at Avenue Roger Vandendriessche 18b20 – 1150 Brussels (hereafter referred to as “D-NETWORK”) are responsible for the processing of your personal data (within the meaning of the GDPR).


  1. Regarding candidate data, we either obtained it directly from you, or via the CV that you send us, or when you apply for a job on our websites. We may also obtain your data from other sources, such as when applying for a job posting site, or through social media websites such as LinkedIn
  2. Regarding the data relating to our customers, we collect them directly from you according to your own initiative. This collection can be done through different communication channels (e-mails, sms, by phone, during a visit to your company, during an event, ...). We also collect your data when you send us your business card, or when a candidate or a third party sends us your details. And finally, it is possible that we will collect your data via online media in which you will publicly disclose your contact information. Your data may also be in our database if you are identified by your company as the contact person


  1. Data relating to applicants
    1. If you are a candidate and when e-mail, text message or social media communications are taking place, we collect (non-exhaustive list):
      1. Your credentials that you provide us such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number
      2. The company for which you work and your position
      3. The content of the communication
      4. Any other personal data that you choose to communicate to us
      Information concerning your health and / or your criminal record will only be processed if necessary, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions
    2. When you send us a CV or apply for a job on our websites or any other channel, your consent to the processing of your personal data is required. In order for us to help you find a job based on the reason you are contacting us, we will collect personal data from your CV and the registration process, including (but not limited):
      1. The credentials you provide us, such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number
      2. The company for which you work and your position
      3. Your qualifications, skills, experience and training
      4. Your current compensation and other benefits
      5. Your previous jobs
      6. Your career path
      7. Any other personal data that you have voluntarily transmitted to us
      Some additional data (e.g. the language of preference, the department, ...) are not always necessary, but may be desirable, other data are entirely optional (hobbies, ...) we process these data if you choose to share the development of our business relationship or to better match the services we provide and our commercial actions to your interests, your desiderata and your needs.
    3. We also receive your personal data from other sources in the following situations:
      1. Personal data about you from your referees
      2. Personal data about you and from customers
      3. Personal data about you from third-party sources such as LinkedIn and other job sites
  2. Data relating to customers If you are a Customer and you propose a collaboration with your company, we receive directly your personal data relating to:
    1. Professional data that you provide to us, such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number
    2. Your function
    3. Your business
    4. The content of the communication
    5. Any other personal data that you have voluntarily transmitted to us


Depending on the type of treatment applied to the persons whose data we collect, we use and process personal data based on:
  1. Legal obligations incumbent on us: during our activities, the law requires us to collect certain personal data, as is the case when we conclude employment contracts
  2. From our (pre) contractual relationship: when we negotiate or conclude a contract with you or your company, we need a certain amount of personal data to be able to offer an adapted offer, draw up the contracts and then execute our obligations. Otherwise, it will not be possible for us to begin or execute the supply of our services. When executing a contract for recruitment and / or selection, we communicate to our candidate’s contacts within your company or organization so that they know who to contact when they are to present themselves or to begin and / or perform their mission
  3. Express written or unwritten consent: when performing our services for the purpose of recruiting and / or selecting workers for fixed or temporary positions, we provide the contact details of the selected candidates and / or our temporary staff businesses or organizations that use our services. This approach is made possible by your consent. This consent is express, even if it is not written, it is not presumed of your silence and is based either on our consent form or on your spontaneous sending of your data to which you proceeded
  4. The legitimate interest of D-NETWORK or a third party: if necessary, we use your data to satisfy our legitimate interest or that of third parties. This can happen, for example:
    1. It may also relate to access controls or internal controls and audits carried out to ensure the security and continuity of our systems and our businesses
    2. This legitimate interest also exists when we need to keep your data to introduce, exercise or support a potential lawsuit
    3. This legitimate interest also exists when our goal is to offer to our client’s candidates who meet the requirements of the function. To do this, we collect and keep the contact information or our clients and candidates


  1. With respect to candidate data, we use it to help you find a mission or job that meets your expectations. The volumetric of data about you allows us to refine our research and offer you a personalized service. Recruitment is our core business. We process your personal data which is strictly necessary, and we use it strictly in the execution of our activities. These may relate to the collection from you or from other sources, in order to keep your data and update them if necessary in our database, in order to offer you our services, in order to send your information to customers, to allow you to submit your CV on our site, or to allow you to submit your application online.
  2. Regarding customer data, we only use it to initiate a service with you, to execute the contract in accordance with our agreements. We also use your data to communicate with you about different aspects of services such as offering and planning services to execute. We also use your data to evaluate our services, to assess the profile and skills of a candidate and to measure the quality of our services.


D-NETWORK may transmit some of your personal data only if it is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes listed above, for the proper performance of our contract, compliance with a legal obligation or the defense of a legitimate interest, or simply if you consent to it. For applicants, your data may be transferred with:
  1. Current, past or potential employers to increase your chances of getting a job or the job you have applied for
  2. We also transfer them to our D-NETWORK subcontractors and suppliers, including service delivery, tasks and assignments (e.g. data storage, cloud service providers, IT providers, ...)
  3. At official levels, in the context of inspections and investigations, in particular, federal and regional inspection services as well as accreditation bodies, social security organizations and tax authorities
  4. To all other third parties to whom we are required to transmit them by law, court order or judgment
When our suppliers process your personal data, they are considered as subcontractors within the meaning of the GDPR. To ensure the security of your data, we select the providers that guarantee a sufficient level of security and conclude a treatment contract that ensures compliance or at the very least a high level of confidentiality. Regarding customers we share your data with the candidate who might be interested in the job. Your personal data is neither sold, nor rented, nor made available to third parties for commercial purposes by D-NETWORK, except with your prior consent. If your data is transmitted outside the European Union, we take the contractual and technical safeguards necessary to ensure that all your personal data is adequately protected against loss or any unlawful use.


Your personal data are kept for the time strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes described above as well as compliance with our legal obligations.


D-NETWORK makes every effort to secure your personal data optimally against any unlawful use. For this, we use physical, organizational and technological measures. For example: we limit the access of our computer system to our teams and according to the strict needs of each member with regard to his function; we put in place an internal privacy policy; we do not fail to use pseudonymization processes as needed.


D-NETWORK particularly pays attention to the rights you have as a concerned person. For this purpose, we invite you to fill in our form and send it to our Compliant Officer at the following email address: or by mail to our head office You can exercise the following rights
  1. RIGHT OF ACCESS, INFORMATION AND RECTIFICATION You may at any time request information about our treatments, the objectives pursued, the categories of personal data we keep about you, the categories of recipients of these data (third countries or international organizations), the retention periods or criteria for determining these, your other rights, other sources of your data, and the existence of an automated decision-making process. You can also request that your data be rectified or completed, as long as it is inaccurate or incomplete. When exercising this right, you must indicate on the form the specific data that you want to be corrected or completed. We will not fail to respond to your request as soon as possible, however, when providing this information, we are always obligated to consider the rights and freedoms of others.
  2. RIGHT TO LIMITATION OF TREATMENT You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your personal data when
    1. You dispute the accuracy of this data
    2. You are in the waiting period necessary to evaluate the interests involved before exercising the right of opposition to the processing of some of your personal data
    3. The processing of your personal data would be illegitimate, but you do not wish to exercise your right to erase data
    4. We no longer need your personal data for the purposes set out in this data protection declaration but need it in the context of a legal action
  3. RIGHT OF OPPOSITION You may object to the processing of your personal data if your data is processed on the basis of the legitimate interests of D-NETWORK or on the basis of consent. To exercise this right, you must indicate on the form, to which specific treatment you object and for what specific reasons. This information is necessary to ensure the correct balance of interests.
  4. RIGHT OF PORTABILITY If your data is processed as part of our contractual obligations, or consent, you have the right to request that your personal data be transferred to you in the form in which we retain it or to your other data controller designated by your care.
  5. RIGHT TO ERASING DATA (RIGHT TO FORGET) In the cases provided by the GDPR or the law, we will proceed to the deletion of your personal data upon request from you. No later than one month after receipt of your request and depending on the difficulty of your application or the number of requests we receive from other persons, this period may be extended by two months. In this case, we will notify you of this extension in the month following receipt of your form. In some cases (e.g. legal obligations, rights of other people, limitation periods, ...), you will not be able to exercise your rights, in whole or in part. You will then be informed as to why we cannot fully meet your request.


D-NETWORK remains at your disposal for any questions, comments or complaints regarding the protection of your personal data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with:


D-NETWORK may at any time make corrections, additions or modifications to this Privacy and Data Protection Statement for any number of reasons. The most current version can be consulted permanently on our sites.